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Eric L


Just booked my first purely social media client! @hoosierhusky_cato Really realizing the power of Instagram and the accounts on there

Clear cut, down to the point, and provided a ton of value. Pretty excited to see growth!

James L


Bryan C


Samantha L


Luke K


I'm a member of the Side Hustle Group. Thank you for creating the class, I'm getting a lot of value from it..  I must admit i've gained a new respect for creators, its not easy. Thanks again for all the insights!  Warmest Regards, Bryan

Can I just share a crazy little story? Since starting this course I have had a flood of inspiration and motivation to get out and shoot more as I want to build my photography portfolio. Because of this I organized 4 photoshoots for this week. Two of the people there came over to us and started asking questions about what we were doing. And I explained I was a photographer trying to build a portfolio but it was mainly just a hobby for me.  I was then invited by them back tonight to shoot at a closed cocktail party for the opening of it that a lot of important people including our prime minister will be attending. If it wasn't for this group and course I probably would not have been up there last night. This is a crazy opportunity and I'd be lying if I wasn't terrified but I just wanted to share this and thank both Andrew and David for giving us this opportunity and helping me find my passion for photography again

I’ve grown from 3,000 to 16,000, and this course has taught me so much about the business, making money, and really building a loyal fan base. The course is awesome!

Let’s be real. Andrew is the expert.

Louie V

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