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Hi, I'm Andrew East.

Your Side Hustle Coach

Do you feel like social media is more of a hobby to you?

I remember exactly how you feel!

The majority of people posting on social media are doing it just for fun. But what if you could turn that fun hobby into a side biz?

That’s why we created an easy, step-by-step social media course that teaches you, in plain English, how to confidently create content, build trust, and make money.

Whats Up! I'm Andrew East, and  I remember being overwhelmed when I was trying to learn how to do social media. And to be honest, I was overwhelmed.

And even more overwhelmed brainstorming what my next photo or video to post would be. Even after years of learning from the best I still felt confused.


I wished an experienced full time influencer would have mentored me on what I needed to know (and skip all the boring nonsense).


I realized doing social media well is not that hard when you have a simple plan to follow. No one who has actually BEEN an influencer has taught us how they created their following and cashed in on it.


I dreamed of helping people share the message they were BORN to share and make money doing it. I also dreamed of helping people avoid all the trial and error and years of frustration and learning I went through.


As an influencer I have created videos that were #1 trending on youtube, have generated millions of impressions with photos, and partnered with the biggest brands. 

As a teacher of social media, I have consulted the largest media buyer in the world on behalf of the largest search engine in the world. 


But all I could do was dream bigger. I dreamed of helping tens of thousands of people pursue their dreams. So I built a simple plan anyone can follow and now mentored people like YOU.


Now my company is mentoring lots of students who are following the step by step plan to become great photographers.

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Working with Andrew has been incredible. His strategies on growing my following and connecting with brands and influencers is PRICELESS!

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Andrew opened my eyes to what is possible.  Since working with him I view my social media completely different. Forever grateful.

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This is the best Social Media Course on the planet. Hands down. I have grown my following by 1000 since starting and am already getting brand deals!

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Now, it’s your turn to turn your social media into a side hustle that makes money!

Turn your Social Media into a Side Hustle Business with this FREE ONLINE CLASS

Stop the guessing game and start making benjamins with your social media side hustle. 

Meet Your Side Hustle Social Team

Dr. David Touhill

Co -Founder

Doctor and Digital Marketing Guru. Dr. Dave is behind the strategy for bringing SHS to the planet.

Andrew East


NFL Athlete, Husband, and Entrepreneur. Andrew is behind all content inside the course and social media promotions for SHS.

Nash The Golden

Director of Fun and Games

Influencer and Alpha Dog. Nash is responsible for making sure the team is having fun.

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